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DIY Isn't Cutting It Anymore

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When I was designing my website, I knew a video showing why this stay-at-home mom would create a product and start a business was a priority.

My girls helped record a video on my iPhone serving not only as the videographers, but also as the directors, lighting technicians and on-site beauty team.  In post-production, they taught me the basics of editing using iMovie and Our Story was born.

While it’s not eve close to professional quality (and every once in a while you can see dust flying around in the sunlight,), I learned a lot in the process, and it was a family collaboration and I was happy with it.

Fast forward 17 months:  HOLSTRit is rapidly growing and I need to find professionals who can help me in certain areas of the business.  I decided to contract with professionals who could truly capture the essence of HOLSTRit and tell our WHY. It’s an important story because it’s the only reason HOLSTRit exists. 

Last weekend Zoe Media shot our new Our Story video.  She not only captured a lot of footage, but the whole family was also involved.  Which means, she was able to teach my little photographer all about what she was doing while she was doing it.  Big fan of hands-on learning.

We’ll roll out the video in March!  Can’t wait for you to see it!

photo credit: Brooklynn Johnson

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