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Good News & Bad News

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I’ve discovered something else I haven’t yet mastered in business:  The art of inventory management.  Good news…I have ordered more product, bad news…I’m running out of my current stuff while waiting on the new stuff.

People keep saying to me that this is a good problem to have however it’s still a problem and not a fun problem to have right before Christmas.  I’ve ordered 5 new patterns and reordered 3 of the current patterns so I’m going to have the largest selection of fabrics I’ve ever had which is exciting. They are suppose to ship December 15 which lands them at my doorstep December 22, not at all the kind of risk I enjoy taking.  I’ve got people ordering the new stuff already which is super exciting and I’m just praying the run gets completed early by the factory and gets here sooner than I expect or at the very least, on time.  I don’t know exactly how to master the art of inventory but I’m hoping to figure it out quickly. I don’t want have this “good” problem again and have to do this to my website unless it’s a discontinued pattern. 

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