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HOLSTRit On Vacation

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My family is currently on a 9 day vacation in Florida.  We have 7 park days at Disney & Universal.  This is the biggest vacation we have been on since our daughter’s kidney transplant and since HOLSTRit was born.  There are so many benefits to having HOLSTRit on vacation that I discovered while on this trip that I want to share them with you.

1.  Most lines for the rides and shows are no less than 20 minutes and in the peak season can easily run 90 minutes or more.  If you carry your water bottle in your hand while in line, you will most likely need to toss it before you get on the ride or go into the show.  Then you will have to buy a new bottle to refill until you have to toss it again and buy another one and on and on that goes.  Water bottles cost about $4 at the parks and can be refilled for free or you can bring your own from the store which costs about $0.72.  We saw people leave the line because they didn’t want to throw away their bottles and yet all 9 of us went in with our bottles secure in our HOLSTRs because they were contained in a bag.

2.  I easily carried my water with me all day in my HOLSTRit.  My chapstick and phone were carried in the larger pocket which never got wet from the condensation of the bottle because of the inside liner.  My credit card, driver’s license and extra meds for my daughter were in the smaller pocket.  Sanitizer and sunscreen hung on my carabiner.  Our girls brought their phones or ipods to take pictures with because they could simply put them in the larger pocket of their HOLSTRs and we didn’t have to carry them or worry about them getting lost.

3.  My husband had a backpack with snacks and extra water bottles and all 9 of us could have easily put our water in his backpack, but that would have been heavy and frustrating for him.  Imagine all of us constantly asking him to get out our water all day. With our HOLSTRs, we not only had easy access to our water any time we wanted, but to have it so accessible made it convenient to remember to drink without having to frustrate and hassle dad!  We carry around more water than the average family because of our kidney transplant kiddo and her father who now only has one kidney.  I’m guessing most families wouldn’t need the backpack if everyone had their own HOLSTR.

4.  The last benefit I want to share is at the end of a 7-10 hour park day kiddos are extremely tired, way too tired to want to hold anything.  A couple of our kids fell asleep on the bus back to the hotel. It was so nice to be able to hold them and not have to hold onto any other stuff.

Stay tuned for some new announcements regarding our products and new partnerships!!

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