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There are times in my life where I wished something would have happened and sometimes I realize later, "I’m so thankful that never happened".  Like when I was 13 and wanted to be a back-up dancer for Madonna (I see now how that wouldn’t have turned out well) or when I was 23 and the Chevy dealership loaned me a brand new silver Corvette for the entire day and I wished they’d say, “Hey, why don’t we just trade you our gorgeous Corvette for your um…not so gorgeous Cavalier?” (I’m still not 100% sure I’m thankful that never happened but with my early driving record this probably saved my life). 

Some of the things I wish for now are a little different; a medical advancement that can give my daughter an artificial kidney so none of her sisters will have to volunteer to donate a kidney or time to slow WAY down or when my girls see their things on the stairs they’d actually pick it up and take it to their bedroom.     

I still have fun, I’m not sure this will ever happen, wishes.  One of my favorite TV shows is Shark Tank.  Who knew one day I’d be a candidate to apply for Shark Tank.  I now have a business that seems to actually be moving forward and a story behind the business.  (There’s nothing more powerful than a mama trying to help her girl!)  My fun, it would be crazy if this happened, wish is that HOLSTRit would get selected for Shark Tank AND my spot would actually air.  I’ve had dreams that I was on the show, that I did a deal and every time it’s with Robert Herjavec…..premonition or wishful dreaming??  Who knows but it will be fun trying!!  Here’s to making a wish come true or some day realizing, “I'm so thankful that never happened!" 

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