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It Takes A Village To Run A Business

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Running a business is hard.  Running a business with 5 children is harder.  We are in the swing of school and extra curricular activities.  Even though each child only has one extra curricular activity going on (plus youth group activities for the 3 oldest) that’s 5 extra activities.  To add to that, out of the 20 trade shows we will have attended by the end of 2016, we are doing 13 of them September through December…right when all the kids’ activities start.

There is NO WAY I could do all of this by myself.  I have a 2016 trade show child care schedule, color coded because I have 9 people involved in some way.  I have people picking the girls up from their school or taking them to church or bringing them home from church or spending the night with them when we’re out of town or working with us at our trade shows and on it goes. 

Taking care of my children is just one piece of the pie, it is the biggest and most important piece to me, but there are others who have been instrumental in this process.  I have people who have been willing to share their wisdom and connections with me.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn't have a product to sell if it weren’t for the help of someone else.  I’m not sure I’d have direction or focus or drive if it weren’t for the help of someone else.  I even get unsolicited advice from many and some of it is really good.  Kansas City is an amazing city to start a business.  There are so many programs geared towards helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business and a lot of them are free.  I don’t know why I’m surprised at how generous people have been with their time and wisdom but it’s been very refreshing, extremely helpful and I hope I’m always quick to help share my experience with someone else. 

HOLSTRit would not be where it is today without others and HOLSTRit will not go any further without the help of others.  It definitely takes a village and I’m so grateful for mine!! 

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