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It's Going To Be Worth It

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When I became a mom a little more than 16 years ago, I thought being a mom mainly consisted of loving and taking care of my new baby girl.  That was the extent of my plan.  Little did I know that as a mom I would wear many hats over the years and do things I never thought I’d do or had the strength or courage to do. There are things I really like and things I don’t like so much but do them because I’m passionate about these people.  I’m pretty sure I have earned at least an associates degree in culinary arts, counseling, refereeing, servanthood, cheerleading, custodial arts, nursing (or at least basic EMT stuff), organization as well as the art of knowing when to let it go, the art of apologizing and the art of giving grace, swim instructor, teacher, over all hygiene care instructor, life coaching, technology instructor (until they turn 6 then it’s all them), and I could go on and on.   

When I became a business owner I just thought I was going to sell this product that people kept asking me about, wondering where I got that “bottle holder”.  That was the extent of my plan.  Little did I know that as a small business owner I was going to have to wear many hats and do things I never thought I’d do or have the strength or courage to do.  Just like being a mom, there are things about running a business that I like and things I don’t like but I do them because this is my new baby.  I like talking to customers and selling, I don’t like it when I schedule so many trade shows that I’m exhausted and feel like I’m missing out.  I like trying to figure out the best, most organized way to keep all this product in my garage without it taking over, I don’t like when it takes over.  I like trying to figure out how I’m going to keep the snowball rolling and gaining momentum, I don’t like creating business plans.   I like seeing the finished product and being excited to share it with others, I don’t like the pressure of picking out fabric that I think many people will like and want to buy.  I like seeing how God has used this business to bolster my faith and trust in Him, I don’t like the fretting I do when I don’t rely on Him.  I like learning about business, customer acquisition and marketing strategies, I don’t like SEO (search engine optimization), social media and accounting. 


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