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It's OK To Crawl Before You Walk

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I'm a type A person through and through.  Let me tell you why I think that.  For starters, the fact that I need to write out a list to convince you that I'm type A kind of proves my point.  I love a good list.  If I do something that's not on the list, you guessed it, I write it on the list just to have the pleasure of crossing it off.  When I want something done, I want it done yesterday.  Patience is not a virtue to me, it's actually pretty irritating...something I work on daily, thank you my children!!  When I decide to do something, I can't do it halfway and because of this I have completely cleaned out my pantry of food because I decided we were going to eat differently.  I have painted the entire house at one time (over a few weeks anyway).  I bought the largest skin care and makeup kit, not the starter kit back when I only had 3 kids because I decided I was going to be a work at home mom (I still have a few products from that kit that I should probably toss).  Last year when I was captain of our first team for the kidney walk, of course I wasn't content to see what donations rolled in so we had many gift baskets to raffle (thanks to generous donors) and several bake sales in the community.  Although the work of it nearly killed me we were one of the top fundraising teams.  This year, not so much...maybe I am learning to chill...a little??

So why am I blogging about this?  Well, once again I love that this business is teaching me about going with the flow.  It's teaching me that growing organically and at a slower pace is a good thing.  It's teaching me that I don't have to get it all done in a day because it's a process meant to teach and stretch me.  I am so thankful that I've learned that the saying, "If it's meant to be it's up to me" is NOT true.  I am trying to learn to relax.  I'm trying to learn how growing organically helps line up important things that might get missed if it was frantically growing.  I've had a few times where, after a TV interview I had so many online orders that I couldn't get anything else done that day.  Instead of wanting this to be an igloo already built, I am looking at it like a snowball that just consistently gets larger and larger and I have to trust that eventually it will start to look like an igloo.  Crawling first is what 99% of us do so it must be the smart way to go and those who skip the crawling...well, I'm pretty sure they're type A people. 

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  • MoM on

    FYI—-you were a very slow walker, content to sit and let your sister bring things to you. I was afraid you would walk until she started kindergarten because she mothered you so much and you grunted and she got it for you. LOL. My my how times have changed!! Luv ya. MoM

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