Miracles From Heaven...The Movie

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This last weekend we were suppose to go to a trade show in Tulsa, OK.  I was very excited for it for several reasons.  It wasn’t a very expensive show (comparatively), it was 3 days long and they were expecting a lot of people plus I love getting away with my husband even if it’s for work.  For whatever reason, ALL of the people we usually call to stay with our girls were strangely busy so we had to cancel the show.  I was very disappointed but my husband pointed out that it was ok and “you never know what God might be saving us from”.  The shipment of my new products was suppose to be here by Friday and I thought, “perfect, I’ve got time" so I had scheduled our photo shoot for Saturday.  For whatever reason, the products didn’t show so the photo shoot was cancelled.

My husband took the girls to his parents house on Saturday afternoon and since I obviously wasn’t going to be working I decided to cook to try to get ahead on food for this week.  I rented Miracles From Heaven from Redbox to watch while I cooked.  Oh my goodness, I thought it might make me tear up a bit but I had no idea how emotional that movie would make me.  At the end of the movie the mom of the sick little girl was talking about how miracles happen every day, it’s a matter of if we choose to see them or not.  While she was talking they were showing instances where "behind the scenes” of this family’s chaos, miracles were happening to them that they weren’t aware of.  They were showing how others stepped up and took care of them, did things for them that they didn’t even know about.  I just lost it at that point.  You see, I’ve been the receiver of such miracles when my little girl was sick and it took me months to be able to talk about the things I knew people were doing for us without crying.  (I can’t even imagine all the things I don’t know about that people did for us.)  I also know that miracles happen in the mundane of every day life too but for me lately, my attitude has not reflected this.  In the movie, the mother quoted Albert Einstein, “There are two ways to live:  you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle”.

I don’t know if having to cancel my trade show and my photo shoot were miracles or not, but to be reminded of God’s goodness was a definite bonus to my rather mundane weekend.    

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