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More Partnerships Revealed & Redesigned Product Coming Soon

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I’ve been patiently waiting to tell you about our new partnership, (well, I haven’t been totally patient as most of my friends already know this).  Our new partner is CHARLIE HUSTLE.  If you’re from Kansas City, I’m sure you know who this is. 

Charlie Hustle created such a phenomenon with their Heart KC t-shirt that when you’re out and about, you’re bound to see someone, including children wearing one of these shirts.  (We have many reasons to be proud of Kansas City and love to show it!)  What does this mean for HOLSRit?  We have 2 solid HOLSTRs coming with the Heart KC logo on it. 

We also have 2 new pattern fabrics and they should all be shipped in July.  I will keep updating on the arrival on our Facebook page as I hear from the factory but you can get a sneak peak here.

Now I want to tell you about a few changes we made to the product.  Each HOLSTR will be ½" wider to accommodate larger bottles as well as phones that continue to grow, (if you have a smaller phone then you’ll just have more room for other items).  Each adjustable HOLSTR strap will be 50" and can be worn as a cross-body or waist strap so that you can customize the fit to how you feel like wearing it that day.  You no longer have to choose to buy either a waist strap or a cross-body, it WILL DO BOTH!  The last change we made was to the Velcro strap across the bottle sleeve.  Instead of 2 smaller ones, we have 1 large strap and this is where we are putting logos.

We still have current product in stock so if you know you would wear only cross-body or only waist strap and don’t need it any bigger, we have more pattern fabrics to choose from with our current stock. 

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