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We are expecting new, redesigned product that will come with retail packaging.  I’ll tell you about the redesign another time but I’m going to talk about the product & packaging process.

We manufacture in China.  An acquaintance who owns a thriving business introduced us to a sourcing agency in China.  This was such an amazing gift because I had contacted over a dozen manufacturers here in the U.S. and from my experience most people don’t want to take a chance on a start up.  Our sourcing agency in China communicates directly to the factory there.  They have been amazing to work with and so gracious to walk with me as I experience growing pains that are magnified by the fact that I’m learning everything as I go.

When I’m ready to order product, I send a detailed document describing any design changes we want to make to the product then we spend many weeks looking at fabric.  This is so hard to do over emails and making these decisions is a bit stressful because most of the time I don’t ask for samples as that takes more time and more money.  Once we’ve landed on fabrics, I sign the contract, send the deposit and production gets started.  Before they ship, I have to pay for the rest of the contracted price and then a few weeks later I get 10-13 boxes of 65-85 pieces per box delivered to the UPS store.  I load it all up into my car with the help of the UPS workers, (thanks guys!) and then unload it all into my garage with the help of my family, (thanks guys!).  (Wishing I had a 4-car garage…or a warehouse.  Someday, maybe!)  :)

This time around we are adding packaging to the product.  How did I find a package designer?  I contacted several companies who said I was just too small for them to work with so I continued to search until I found someone who was willing to work with me.  We are trying to wrap up the package design process so they can get the run completed and out the door.  I had to buy UPC code numbers as well as official barcodes that can be printed on the hangtags.  There’s a lot to all of this and it takes longer than one would wish it to but once the product is here, that’s when the real fun begins.

I have 2 pattern fabrics coming (hoping for July) which are attached to this post.  I also have 2 solid fabrics coming that will have a special logo on them.  I’m not officially announcing who we partnered with until I have a picture of the completed product but I’m so excited to see them and share with KC fans!  We are close to having another new partnership that I will reveal when it’s official.

I will continue to update on the new products coming and exciting HOLSTRit news on our Facebook page so be sure to follow us!

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