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No Isn't A Bad Word

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Just this morning my fitness instructor said, “It took until my 50’s for me to be able to say ‘no’ and not feel bad about it”.  What is it with the word NO?  A lot of us don’t want to say it and we certainly don’t want to hear it.  My kids will even say to me, “well, never mind, you’ll probably say no”.  I tell them, “you’ll never know unless you ask." 

I have heard no a lot in the last 11 months since starting HOLSTRit At the beginning it was definitely harder.  For some reason I felt rejected.  I have learned that a no isn’t personal.  People have very different reasons for saying no but it’s not because of who I am as a person.   

I’ve had many people ask me how we partnered up with Charlie Hustle or how we got a certain publication to write an article about us or how we found manufacturing in China and I tell them, "I just asked”.  Easy enough.  A few times people have come to me however I know things will fall into my lap very rarely, so I ask.  The road is paved with many no’s but I’ll keep on asking and wait for that yes that makes all the difference.  In the meantime I practice saying no, when it’s necessary, with a gracious heart and work on not feeling guilty about it and when I hear "no" I try to see it as Next Opportunity. 

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