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Our First Warehouse...At Least It's Out Of My Bedroom

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Each time I get a shipment from the factory, I receive 10-17 boxes at a time filled with product.  Although this is very exciting, the next big question is, “What do I do with all this stuff?"  The "production” started in my garage, but eventually all of it moved up into my bedroom.  This was not ideal especially knowing I have 17 more boxes filled with product coming very soon and no place to put it all.

This last weekend, we took advantage of the almost chilly July weather here in KC and turned our 3rd car garage into our first warehouse.  It’s perfect for our current needs.  Sometimes I find myself wondering how big this might get as I never imagined needing a "warehouse" of any kind but it’s exciting.  Here’s a picture of HOLSTRit’s first official warehouse and just in time too as my new products will ship from China this week!  I will update on Facebook the date they ship and when I expect them to arrive.     

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