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Partnerships...Just The Beginning

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I’m so excited to share the news of one of our new partnerships!  As of June 2016 HOLSTRit will donate $1 of each HOLSTR sold to the National Kidney Foundation.  Three years ago, I didn’t know this organization existed and if I was honest, I probably didn’t care a whole lot.  Let me tell you why I care now.

I am now the wife of a kidney donor and mother of a kidney recipient.  I have watched a child suffer the loss of her kidneys due to E-coli bacteria.  I know what it’s like to hear transplant is your best option at this point. I know what it’s like to hear about all the possible things that could go wrong while they take a kidney from my husband and give it to my daughter. I learned not only what dialysis does and how it works but learned how to administer it to my child every night.  I learned how to give my daughter shots, she learned how to take a handful of pills at one time and I learned that not all people who draw blood for labs are created equal. I learned that the fear of the unknown can almost be paralyzingly and education gives strength and courage to move forward. I learned a lot about very scary things in a short amount of time but what stays with me the most is the fact that I don’t think I would have survived without the support I had from our family, our friends and our church. 

The National Kidney Foundation also offers support and education to those who are experiencing a lot of the same things we did and some things we didn’t.  This is not a fun road but many are asked to walk it so HOLSTRit is thrilled to be giving back to this amazing organization!  As a family we are walking in the NKF walk on October 8, 2016, you can read about this great event by clicking this link and if you’d like to donate to help our fund raising efforts, please click here.

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