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Starting With The End In Mind

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I was attempting to fix what my 2 youngest daughters had jumbled up.  I found myself shaking and pulling and trying to manipulate it just right so things would fall into place.  I finally stopped and realized that’s what a lot of us do in life, in business, in our homes, with our families.  I decided to find the end of each string and work it through, with intention, until it came loose and was organized.  I started thinking about business, you have to start with the end in mind, be intentional about what you’re doing, (hence the good business plan I’m working on).  Then, more importantly I started thinking about our family.  What goals do we have for our family?  What goals do our children have for their lives and how are we working and helping them work toward them?  How are we being intentional?

We have family goals taped up on one of the cabinets in our school room.  We did them many years ago and I couldn’t even tell you what they are.  (I think one might be to treat others well–pretty safe guess.)  It’s probably time we revisited our family goals and lived with much more intentionality.  No more shaking and pulling and manipulating hoping it all falls into place!

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