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Summer Hydration Tips & Recipes

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Summer is quickly approaching and soon we'll be vacationing, taking our kids to camp and complaining about the heat.  Today I'm going to share some easy hydration tips and recipes.

The easiest way to tell you're becoming dehydrated...if you're thirsty...DRINK!  Anything but caffeine and alcohol will help hydrate but here are some great fruit infused water combos that are hydrating AND healthy!

I generally don't plan 24 hours ahead for best infusion flavor but adding them and drinking right away works too.  If you're trying to cut back on soda and find yourself missing carbonation, you can add fruit to carbonated water (choose one that doesn't have a high sodium content).  If that's not soda-y enough for you mix carbonated water with a caffeine free soda.  Start out with half and half and slowly add more carbonated water and less soda as your taste buds adapt.  It will still feel like drinking soda but with less sugar and calories. 

Did you know you can eat your water?  Choose foods that are high in water content to help with hydration.  Iceberg lettuce gets such a bad rap but it has the highest water content out of any lettuce.  Feel guilty no more for eating the white, crispy lettuce! 

Don't forget soups, applesauce and popsicles.  Looking for healthy, hydrating popsicles?  Puree fruit and freeze it, simple as that.

Keeping track of your hydration while being out and about can be challenging but here are a few tips.  A more expensive option would be a smart bottle that connects to your smart phone to help you track your intake such as h2opal.  You can choose an easy to use app such as Waterlogged.  When we went to Florida last year, my daughter who had the kidney transplant was a little dehydrated before we even got there so she had to finish a 16oz. bottle of water from 8:00am-10:00pm on the even hours.  This was the easiest way for us to keep track while we were busy having fun and it was very convenient because we all had our HOLSTRs so our drinks were easily accessible all the time.  Not only did we not have to carry our bottles, phones, keys and sunscreen but we were constantly reminded to drink because they were always right there with us.

There are so many more hydration tips and recipes.  We would love for you to tell us in the comments what you like to drink or eat to stay hydrated and/or how you keep track of your intake.  Happy summer!!








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