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Taking "Balance" Out Of My Vocabulary

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Robert Herjavec once said, “If you want balance in life don't start a business.“  Thankfully I heard this after I had already started my business or it might have scared me away.  When I started my company, I really struggled with feeling like I couldn't balance my family (husband, kids, homeschooling, housework…) and my work (HOLSTRit).  I didn’t know how to make that possible.  Since I was working from home and working at home, work never stopped.  Then one day it hit me, Whose in charge of the scale I’m constantly comparing myself to anyway?  Is balance even possible and if it is, isn’t it always changing? 

I decided to nix the word "balance" from my vocabulary when talking about my life.  I now think about my family and my work the way I grocery shop.  I try to fill the basket with 75% healthy goodness and if I go over 75% well then I just have to deal with my pride at that point.  Sometimes I go to the grocery store hungry and my basket gets filled with too much junk food and then I try not to feel too bad about myself.  Mostly I try to prioritize healthy food over anything else and give myself grace when that doesn’t always happen.   My family is my priority over everything else.  Sometimes they get more of me than they even want and sometimes they need a little more.  I had to admit that I needed help with some things because I couldn’t physically do it all.  It’s not perfect as I am not a perfect woman or a super mom.  To get rid of the notion that I can do it all and have it all in perfect balance (that I decided doesn’t exist anyway), helps take the pressure off to enjoy the journey that much more.  Oh, and I pray…a lot!!

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