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Tech-NO-logy & Me

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Technology and me, well we just don’t get along.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, I just don’t like having to take the time to learn when it always seems to be changing.  Lately I've had no choice but to suck it up and figure it out.  

Before I officially launched HOLSTRit, the extent of my technology reach was that I could text and email.  I wasn’t on Facebook, didn’t know a Twitter from a tweet, Instagram was a new word to me, I hadn’t even heard of Snapchat and I guess I have a Pinterest account because I keep getting emails that my girls are pinning things to their boards…whatever that means.  I only had Mac computers and laptops so I was super bummed to have to buy a Windows laptop and learn a whole new system.  (Even the X to close out windows is opposite!  Sheeze!)  I decided if I was going to try to run a business I needed to be on Facebook, I mean it seemed like everyone else was.  I checked out Twitter, because, well Ellen DeGeneres was tweeting pictures at the Oscars so it must be important.  At one of our trade shows I had a sweet college girl tell me I had to get on Instagram so right then and there she signed me up and showed me how it works.  

Over the last 16 months I’ve learned the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I had to learn how to design a website and even learned a bit of coding.  I learned how to blog (something I thought I’d never do!).  I had to learn enough about Photoshop to be able to use it when my pictures don’t fit into a particular template.  I had to learn all about QuickBooks and hours of phone calls later I think I know enough to squeak by.  I had to learn how to purchase UPC codes and then get them uploaded, (that sounds WAY easier than it was).  I had to learn POS (Point Of Sale) programs to use at our tradeshows and have settled on one I like best.  Just this last week, I learned how to web design on another host site I like better.  All of this is just the technology part of trying to grow a business.

If you would have told me 16 months ago that I was going to learn about all these different platforms and successfully execute I would have never believed it.  I’m not afraid anymore to try.  I might get intimidated by the process but I’m not afraid to dive in.  The point of this post is not to toot my own horn because I’m well aware that God answers my, “If this is the direction I need to go please help me figure it out” prayers, but I hope this is encouraging to someone who is thinking of stepping out and trying to something new.  We just don’t know until we try.  It might be hours of frustration and bitter tears but the accomplishment is so sweet so give it a try!!


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