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The Chaotic Mess

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We homeschool, but my 4 older daughters also go to a homeschool co-op on Monday and Wednesday.  It’s a university model in that teachers teach the lessons of all of their core classes and I help the girls (mainly just the younger 3 because the older two have out smarted me) at home on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  For our family it’s been a huge blessing in that when my daughter was ill and then having a kidney transplant, they continued in their studies for the 2 ½ years that I couldn’t see straight. 

We just finished up the last week of summer.  You’d think we’d get in last minute family fun, maybe lay in bed, read together and relax, play some fun games but it was a chaotic mess.  I literally felt like I was running in circles with my tail on fire.  What is it with back-to-school and chaos that just seem to go together? Not only did I need to buy school supplies (X5), I needed to buy all their books (X6 classes each X4 kids) and then there’s the clothes and shoe shopping (X5).  My kids are fairly patient but when we’re in a store and they each want to go to their own section (which are never close to each other) and they’re picking and choosing items and everyone is shouting about how cute their finds are and I’m trying to  keep track of who needs what…it’s chaos on top of chaos!  I really wondered if I was in over my head this fall with throwing a growing business into the season.

Something had to give or it was going to be my sanity.  This fall is filled not only with school but extra curricular and church activities, I’m wrapping up some things this next month our family is doing for the National Kidney Foundation and this is really the beginning of a busy trade show season for HOLSTRit. 

I knew I wasn’t being intentional with my time at all.  I was scattered and doing everything for everyone but nothing was being done well and most of it wasn’t even getting done.  I went 3 days without working at all on my business stuff, the time I spent with the kids was frazzled and not fun for them, oh and my husband, well I had reintroduced myself to him this weekend.  I figured if I honestly feel like my husband, my kids, their school, our church and my business were all blessings, I’m pretty sure they weren’t given to me for me to feel and act like a frazzled mess.

I desperately needed a written daily schedule.  I decided I would wake a little earlier each morning and spend some time with God.  I figured if I ask Him first thing in the morning what He wants me to spend my time on that day AND I listen to Him, things will flow much better!  I also decided I was going to have school and house time before lunch every day.  No checking emails or worrying about the business.  I am taking at least 2 uninterrupted hours every day in the afternoon to work. (If it is truly uninterrupted remains to be seen but I am feeling hopeful!)  I am planning on working some evenings after everyone’s in bed as it’s needed and on the weekends that we don’t have shows.  My sweet husband will take the girls to his parents for football Saturday, well, the girls don’t watch football but they do like going to Nana’s.  The last thing I added was snuggle time with the girls.  (Girls are never too old for laying in bed and chatting and I’m thankful for that!)  I want them to know that they are my priorities.  Not by me just telling them but I want to show them by taking some time to snuggle and connect with each one of them alone every week.    

I’m well aware that there will be days this won’t go according to plan however my goal is to continually change for the better.  And not only that, I want my girls to watch me struggle, adjust and live the life I’m meant to live because that’s what we do. I’m on repeat a lot but that’s ok too I think, as long as I don’t get stuck in the struggle.  So here’s to jumping in this week being fully intentional and prioritizing and leaving the rest up to God!!

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