The Collegiate Licensing Process (And I Do Mean Process)

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Since I redesigned the HOLSTR and added the larger Velcro strap across the front, I knew I wanted college logos on there at some point but how to do that, I just didn't know.  Back in March I called the person in charge of licensing and trademarks at Kansas University to ask about acquiring the license.  He directed me to the CLC website and said filling out the application was required for everyone.  I got online and was bummed to find out that this wasn't a simple application.  I filled it out the best I could, uploaded my credit report, uploaded HOLSTRit's financial statement, uploaded my label hang tag, uploaded pictures of my products, added in the email from the from the person at KU (who was very supportive of me going forward with the application process) for good measure, I hit submit and I told God if He wanted this to happen to make it happen because, "I clearly don't know what I'm doing". 

Surprisingly, in May I got an email saying, "Congratulations!  Your application for licensure has been reviewed and preliminarily accepted by the institutions listed on the attached Phase II documents."  I had to call my mom to make sure they were saying I had done everything right...the first time and I was moving on and sure enough that was what they were saying.  Now for Phase II...

Oohhh, Phase II.  I hung onto these papers for a couple weeks dreading this Phase II process but I couldn't hang onto them long because I only had 45 days to complete it.  I finally decided to look at the check list and tackle one thing at a time.  Designs incorporating the institutions logo through MyCLC...check.  Insurance certificate and additional insured endorsement form...check.  Factory site disclosure form(s)...check.  Proof of OLPC hologram order...check.  Completed authorized manufacture's agreement...check.  And on and on it went and one by one I marked each one off praying I was doing it right.  They also assigned an account manager and case coordinator to me and that proved very helpful.  It only took 3 weeks, believe it or not (and I almost don't believe it), and I'm excited to say that everything has been approved and I'm waiting on the final contract.  Once I sign and pay, (of course), I can officially order.  I will be ordering 2 new KU HOLSTRs and they should be here by August.  Here's a mock up photo of the 2 HOLSTRs I'm ordering:

I still can't believe this got done but I am so excited and hopefully this is just the first of many colleges I hold licenses for!  I will keep updating on the new order on my Facebook page.


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