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The Evolution Of the HOLSTR

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I had someone ask me this last week, “How did you come up with the design originally?” so I decided to tell you about and show pictures of the evolution of HOLSTRit.

The idea first came to me in February 2014 while I was trying to fall asleep wondering how my daughter, (who was at that time drinking 140 oz every day as she was just 2 weeks out from her kidney transplant), was going to carry her water bottle and everything else she needed while at summer camp.  I sat up in bed right then and my husband and I started Googling water bottle holders to see if we could find anything like what I was imagining.  Needless to say, we didn’t find anything even close so I decided then and there I was going to have it made for her.

The first thing I did was call her sewing teacher to see if she’d help me make my idea come to life.  Because I can’t draw I decided to cut and paste and tape paper together so she could see the idea I had in my head.  I grabbed a large water bottle, laid it down on paper and tried to measure and figure out the length and width of the sleeve.  I used brass fasteners stuck in the paper and elastic to show how it would hold the bottle secure. Then I needed to figure out the size of the strap.  None of this was easy especially for someone who doesn’t sew and has no engineering gifting at all.  This was a little bit like origami without the instructions.  I was able to come up with something somewhat similar to the idea I had in my head and this picture is one of the first attempts by the sewing teacher to transform my paper idea into something useable. 

The bottle holder didn’t sit very well on the body because of where we had the straps placed so in the next picture we made the strap coming out from the side so the bottle itself would lay upright instead of leaning downwards.  Also we learned that not much would go inside the smaller zipper pocket in the bottom so we dropped that.  I had her add an insulator to the sleeve of the product as well. 

I determined that the insulator was too bulky so dropped that.  Decided that I wanted 2 pockets on the back and when you wear it as a waist strap needed to be able to get into them easily so we made the pockets vertical and used zippers.  We also added an eyelet to the larger pocket to make it headphone accessible.

This next picture is the second factory sample.  The biggest difference between the first factory sample and this one is we got rid of the elastic chording and buttons to hold the bottle secure and added Velcro straps.  The elastic broke easily so an industrial Velcro was definitely the way to go. This sample is what our original product was designed from and we were in business.  We were very happy with this design…and then the phones got bigger…

This is our current re-design.  It's wider so holds a larger phone as well as a larger bottle.  The biggest feed back we heard from people was that a lot of you wanted one product to fit both as cross-body or waist strap.  We listened to you and we made that change.  You can see all 3 buckles that can customize the fit to what the customer feels like wearing.  We also made the 2 Velcro straps into 1 large Velcro strap across the front so we can add logos like this Charlie Hustle Heart KC logo.

You’ve heard people say, “I thought of that same thing, if only I had done something with my idea!"  My intention was never to create a product to start a company but here I am.  Next time you have a great idea, seriously consider doing something with it…you never know!! 


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