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The Home Office--Fantasy vs Reality

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Fantasy.  Before I had a home office I would have imagined something like the picture on the left.  Double desks for those days when my husband works from home and of course it would be so great to work together!  If the kids came in, which I doubt they even would, they’d sit at their desk quietly doing a super fun project that I had prepared months in advance, there would be no talking to me…at all because, hey, mom’s working, and we all have super productive moments only to be broken up by a lunch break that I had prepared the night before to make my life easier.  Decorations, in an office, yes please!! 

Reality.  Now the picture on the right actually makes me feel better about my own home office but I do have to admit that I’m using a t.v. tray for my office phone.  My office is in our sitting room, right off our bedroom.  What is a sitting room anyway?  Is it actually suppose to be used for sitting?  Anyway, sorry back to the office.  I only have one desk in my office and there have been times that my husband has stolen borrowed it for his work and then you can find me kneeling on the floor with my computer on my bed, until my knees go numb then I usually move to the kitchen table…the hub of the house, where ALL the activity is.  When my kids come into my office, which is A LOT, they walk in with a squeak toy and yes they are squeaking it, they probably have a question or 20, or they might want to make the futon into a slide which blocks the door, or they’ve decided to bring their toys in to play while I work however, things get left…like everything, or they need lunch which I then realize it’s almost past lunch time and I have no idea what I’m going to make, “Chik-Fil-A anyone?“  Decorations?  Let’s see, I do have 2 small glittery pictures that my littlest girls made me hanging above my computer…and that’s the extent of my decorations. 

Would I love to have a beautiful home office?  Yes, I really would actually, BUT I don’t ever want my kids to feel like they can’t come to me and if my office looked as good as I imagine, I’d probably banish them and then we’d have all sorts of relational issues.  There will come a day where I can work uninterrupted and work through lunch if I so choose.  The carpet in my house won’t have spilled nail polish on it.  None of my couches will have marker, ink or spill stains on them.  There will be a day it will be so quiet around here, I could probably hear myself breath.  I am not looking forward to this day!!  I’m sure my house will be well decorated but my heart will be so lonely for my girls and hoping that just one of them would call me and interrupt whatever it is that I’m doing.  I don’t really love my home office but I do love my girls!! 


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