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The Small Business Customer

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When I’m a passenger in the car and I see random office buildings, I look for the name of the company on the side of the building, I scan the building wondering what goes on in there and I wonder how they got their start.  I wonder about what they did to get where they are, if they still operate like a small business or if they now have a CFO.

Recently I went to a big chain store that opened at 9:00am.  I thought it was already open so I went to the door.  It was 8:56am and I decided to wait even though it was really cold outside.  By 9:02am, another customer was banging on the door to get them to unlock it so we could go inside.  By contrast, I went to The Tasteful Olive, which is a family owned small business, one Sunday morning thinking they opened at 12:30pm.  They didn’t open until 1:00pm but I showed up at their front door at 12:25pm, was looking for their hours sign and the next thing I knew, the owner unlocked the door saying, “Oh come on in, I’m only doing my morning cleaning”.

I will still shop at a large box retailer however I jump at the chance to be a small business customer any time I can!  #SmallBusinessOwners take care of #SmallBusinessCustomers.



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