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What Am I Doing?

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That’s the phrase that goes through my head now more than any other, “What am I doing?"  In 2014, we decided to sell a product that I created because every time we would wear it out people would ask where we got it.  "Do you think we should try to sell a few of these?”, I found myself saying to my husband one day.  Today we own a corporation called HOLSTRit, my product is patent pending and I am getting a crash course in business.  In fact, I’ve already crashed and burned a few times and my family bandages me up and I move forward.  Don’t get me wrong, the amount of learning, growing and stretching I’ve done in 7 months has been amazing and I would only do it for something I’m passionate about.

Why am I so passionate about this product?  Well first of all, I created it to help make my 10 year old daughter’s life easier.  She had gotten sick from E-coli bacteria, her kidneys shut down and after 11 months on daily dialysis, her father donated his kidney to her.  To keep her new kidney healthy she has to drink 100 oz. or 3 liters of fluid daily.  After watching her go through so much all I wanted to do was help her in any way I could and this was my contribution.  Secondly, I see how this product makes other’s lives just a little simpler and that’s an amazing feeling!

After working for hours over a week long period on my 10-page business/marketing plan, my mentor called me yesterday and in a nice way told me it was awful.  I will go to her office tomorrow morning, learn as much as I can in an hour and half, try to get it changed while we drive out of town for a HOLSTRit trade show, email it back to her for revisions and then get it submitted for a competition on Monday.  I know I’m blessed to have people willing to share their wisdom and experience with me.  This is where God has me right now, I have no idea why, but I am excited to see what’s going to happen. 

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