What Am I Going For In Life?

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My husband and I had been married less than a year when I asked him, "Since being married to me, what's one thing that has surprised you about me?"  His answer, "I didn't know you were going to be so clean".  Had he asked me the same question about himself I could have easily answered the opposite of what he answered about me, but he's a smart guy and didn't ask.  Remember Monica Geller from friends...that was me.

So what happened?  Did I decide one day to live in clutter and filth?  No...I had kids.  I tried to hold it all together, tried to keep things clutter free but for some reason these little people would follow along behind me a decorate the house with their toys and books and glitter, OH the glitter.  Then I figured, ok the kids can have free reign during the week but the weekends were mine and we were gonna clean!  Guess what happened to that plan...I had more kids and I was quickly losing the battle. 

I finally realized, I could fight them or join them in the fun and 95% of the time I join them and we do the best we can and then every so often the 5% rears it's ugly head and I holler out, "We need to do a 5 minute pick up before I lose my mind!" 

Now that I have experienced almost losing a child and as my daughters have grown, (I only have 2 years left with my oldest before she goes to college and my baby is already 6), it's so much easier for me to see how precious life is. Time goes too quickly and how clean my house is or isn't won't matter at all in the end.  I can promise if you come over, the guest bathroom will be clean, but I can't guarantee the hardwood floor will be mopped and you might step on something that will hurt really bad so look down when you walk.

I hate that we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and who does that benefit?  Our families?  Our neighbors?  Our Facebook followers?  Does it feel good to have a clean house?  For sure, but I can tell you that letting it go sometimes feels good too, won't hurt anyone and in fact it just might make you feel a little free.  Let's give each other and ourselves the grace to just be!  I'll start first.  Here's a picture of my hardwood floor.  It doesn't look great but my 6 year old has been able to polish her own nails since she was 3.

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  • Larry Johnson on

    Tamra, you have good insight into what really matters in life and you’re an amazing Mom!

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