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Why Am I Blogging Anyway?

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Before February 2013, if you told me I'd be blogging about anything, I wouldn't have believed you.  In fact, I never read blogs because I assumed people weren't real.  I thought it was too easy to make yourself or your life look better than it was to other people who don't even see you, (remember I wasn't even on Facebook at the time for the same reasons).

Why the change in 2013?  Well, my kiddo got sick.  Just a few days into her hospital stay my aunt suggested that I start a Caring Bridge page to keep people updated on how we were doing.  The only experience I had with Caring Bridge before that was staying updated and praying for a woman who ended up losing her husband so to me, Caring Bridge felt a little like a death sentence.  The problem I was having was that I had several different texting threads going to share what was happening to us and our daughter in the hospital and it was becoming harder to remember who and what I had texted.  I caved and started sharing on Caring Bridge and I'm so thankful because I have our story and my super emotional journey documented (and now printed) for my daughters to read one day.  After about two years of blogging, I realized that I was starting to need the affirmation of the "likes" and comments each post was getting.  I realized I was now blogging for all the wrong reasons...so I quit.  Just like that, I did my best to express our sincerest gratitude for all the support and prayers so many people had given us during an excruciating time and I just...stopped...blogging.

Why did I start blogging again when I started HOLSTRit?  Well honestly, everything I read about growing an online business and getting people to see it requires many things but one of them is...you guessed it...blogging.  Our story is unique.  How I started a business because of something I created to try and help make my child's daily life easier is pretty rare so that was easy to blog about.  The fact that I am learning EVERY LITTLE THING as I go and have had to take baby steps has given me lots to blog about.

Why do I continue to blog?  Just last week I met with a woman who runs her own small business here in town and we got to talking about how hard all of this is.  Like me, she's not a business woman, she's learning about manufacturing, social media, licensing, all the legal stuff and like me, she finds QuickBooks impossible.  I continue to blog because it felt good to hear about her successes and her trials.  It felt good to encourage her and to get encouraged by her.  It felt good to know I'm not the only one whose trying to figure it all out.  I want my posts to tell my story, to be encouraging and, if I'm lucky, maybe someone can even learn a thing or two from my experiences.  After all, we're in this thing called life...together!        



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